How hard can your Canon or Nikon camera take?

Digital camera is a very sensitive equipment.. coz it has thousands of optics and electronics parts… some are miniature. Precision and calibration of the optics and electronics is very important. Even with little displacement of the alignment between the optics parts, it will create major issue on the picture quality taken. And when this happen, […]

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Part of the Game

When sports like football and camera are combined and then the video is broadcasted, it can turn into great entertainment to the home viewer… Then add that with few six-pack of Carlsberg together with some friends, it can become an intense fight when they are supporting opposing team 😀 OK, that was not cool… it […]

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A month has passed…

I’m sure my random visitors noticed that my last blog entry is quite ‘old’… No, it is not that I lost my steam or forgotten all about my photos’ bloggerwave. I was busy trying to make money somewhere else… 😀 just kidding, the truth is I was busy with my work and some other stuff. […]

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