Treasure those memories

A single photos can tell a whole story… just like the quote… ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Yes, it’s true sometimes… no, not sometimes… but almost most of the time, explaining with words are much harder compared to by just showing picture or chart… I’m sure you get what the quote means so […]

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How hard can your Canon or Nikon camera take?

Digital camera is a very sensitive equipment.. coz it has thousands of optics and electronics parts… some are miniature. Precision and calibration of the optics and electronics is very important. Even with little displacement of the alignment between the optics parts, it will create major issue on the picture quality taken. And when this happen, […]

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When it comes to large format prints…

There are times when there are requests for large format prints, not only for office use but for personal use. And when it comes to business use, there are times when the request comes too late and the customer wants the product within 24 hours. Although time is very critical when you are in the […]

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Which Photographer?

I have been trying to learn more about photography. I realize that to be a photographer, you can start at any time or age. And it doesn’t matter what camera you use. It can be the cheap disposable cameras at the price of an instant noodle or the super expensive professional digital camera which cost […]

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Golf Balls

Yes… golf balls waiting their turn… πŸ˜€

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Mount Kinabalu from Above

Took this Mount Kinabalu photos from the sky on my way from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau… I guess it is at 15,000 feet or more. Zoomed 5x with Sony T200

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Part of the Game

When sports like football and camera are combined and then the video is broadcasted, it can turn into great entertainment to the home viewer… Then add that with few six-pack of Carlsberg together with some friends, it can become an intense fight when they are supporting opposing team πŸ˜€ OK, that was not cool… it […]

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Mengkabong River

Took these photos on Saturday, 19 October 2008 from Mengkabong River Bridge. We parked our vehicle near the bridge and took the risk to walk along the bridge which has no walking path… just plain road. It’s quite dangerous… That day, I only carried my Sony T200 camera and it runs out of battery after […]

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Spectacular Clouds Formation

Spectacular clouds formation moving in unison captured near my place recently. The clouds move closer towards me and so the rain which you can hear getting louder and louder.

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Online Casino Review Site

OK, this is not about photography but about online casinos. But there are still many great photographs can be taken inside or outside casinos. Whether you seen it in the magazines or movies, usually casinos are full with lighting… all kind colorful lights. The lighting inside or outside the casinos can be used to test […]

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